The Fight

By: Jonathan M. Leighton Jr

I sat in the driveway for a minute, leaning my head back against the head rest. I had made it home and that was all that mattered. Sam and the kids would be sleeping, but I would see them in the morning. She wouldn’t be happy that I wasn’t home last night.

Sometimes a man has to do what a man’s got to do, I thought, pulling my head from the seat to see my tired reflection staring back at me.

I climbed out of the car, ensuring that the door was closed without slamming it. I wanted to sleep, not get in a fight with a tired, half-crazed woman. My night had been hard enough making it home. I didn’t need that on top of it. I walked up to the door and slid my key in the lock, opened the door, and stepped inside.

“Where have you been?” Sam asked, startling me.

I turned and saw her beautiful brown hair up in a messy bun. Her pajamas were on, and she had never looked more beautiful to me. Well, maybe without the angry, judgemental face she currently wore. Regardless, I was busted and I knew it.

“I was out,” I replied, taking off my jacket. “Work stuff, you know, sometimes it keeps me out late.”

“I thought you were done with the late stuff?” she fired back, crossing her arms.

“Can we have this talk in the morning? I’m exhausted.” I asked as I bent to untie my shoes.

“It is the morning, Peter, or did you forget how to tell time?”

She was red hot and ready to go. I was too tired to answer, so I finished removing my shoes, and began walking toward the kitchen for a drink.

“You were out with her, weren’t you?” Sam pressed, following me down the hall.

“Is this one of those times when you want me to lie to protect your delicate emotions?” I replied without turning around. I was too tired to diffuse her.

“Delicate!? You were, weren’t you? You were out with Grace again!”

“Honey, you know that I work with her. I won’t ever go there with her. I couldn’t even if I wanted to, we don’t do that.” I replied as I reached the cupboard. I pulled down a cup and turned on the water.

“No man in the history of the world has ever said those words before…” she snapped.

“I see your sarcasm is on point tonight,” I said, filling the cup. “Can we please talk about this in the morning?”

“No, Peter Jeremy Franklin, we will talk about this tonight!”

I took a drink of water, “You like Grace. You’ve told me that before. You’re not even upset that I was out with her. You’re upset about work.”

“You said you would quit! You said that you were done!” She said.

“Honey, it takes a bit more time than a week to stop working in my line of work. A lot of red flags go up when you tell the firm that you’re done contract-killing for them. Give me some time and we’ll be able to leave. Rumors are already spreading in the office about me leaving. I need to handle all of them before we can go. Otherwise, they’ll come for us…”



Author Bio:

Jonathan currently writes on a daily blog project at and lives in Naples, Maine, in the United States with his wife and three children.


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  1. Nita July 30, 2018 at 3:29 am

    Loved this story Jonathan. Especially the surprise at the end!


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