Shakti Rupenu



The Snowy Kailash looked gloomy once more

As Goddess Awakened for her weeklong chore,

Shiva plunges in sadness

Her Parameshwari ready on the floor.

Oh Mukteshwari, How lucky you are!

Her tresses sway,

Her lotus eyes sparkle

At her beloved’s call

She turns midway.

Oh Shivapyari, How lucky you are!

You would be welcomed

You would be prayed

You would be praised

And worshipped with diamonds and Jade.

I would just stay alone

Missing you and kids

And staring at the empty peak

All lonely and bleak.

Hey Maheshwara! Hey Bholenath

I understand your pain

Do find me in a similar terrain.

But rhythm of Dhak and vedic Chants

Becons me and I must go

Who knows it better than you my beau?

But don’t be in sorrow

Instead bless me hallow,

Oh Umapati, You see my sojourn

As a treat?

But don’t you hear

My heart’s bleat?

For I am no doubt celebrated and revered

But for a handful of days I am favoured.

Rest of the year

I am bound,

In Shackles of disrespect

In trammels of fish net

In handcuffs of Violence

In warps of illiteracy


In webs of gender biasness.

Oh Veerbhadra, Vishwanatha

Bless me this day

As I tread towards the earth bay

So that your Maheshwari

Can make a difference this term of stay.

And empower my Samalinga

To emerge as

Epitome of Shakti,

Forever Mangala,

Tarini of all that is negative around her

As Agnibala, as Bahulaprema, as Pragalbha

And as Jaya.

For then only

Mother Earth will prosper and revive

And the world would flourish and thrive.


Dear freinds,

There’s a distinct smell in the air, a festive glow in the environment and prayer in every heart that this year the Pandal hopping must go uninterrupted by sudden deluge of rain.  Ma’s coming is awaited and celebrated since months. The worship of Goddess of “Shakti” is the biggest festival of West Bengal. Women, Kids and Men all take part in it will an extra zeal and fervor. Their devotion and faith in her is enough to arouse jealousy in other forms of God.


Culture of a place is supposed to tell us a lot about the people who live there. Hence given the pomp and show with which Ma Durga is worshipped here one can be sure of the respect and care people of this state extend towards Females at large. Well though we can boast now that “Nari Shakti” is actually ruling us politically, how true it is for all the female souls breathing here. Let’s have a look ….


  • West Bengal stands second in crimes against women in India. (2015 NCRB report). 33,218 cases were registered.
  • More than 4000 women and young girls have been trafficked to red light areas almost every year.
  • Kolkata is also home to Asia’s biggest red light district, Sonagachi.
  • As per census 2011, female literacy rate is still more than 10% lower than male literacy rate.
  • Women earn only around 65-50 % of what their male colleagues earn for performing the same work.


These are a handful of estimated facts that denote the current situation of Women in West Bengal. I am not pointing these to demotivate you in any ways. My purpose is to show you the real picture of a place where various Female God’s like Ma Sarasvati, Kali, Durga, Laxmi and Jagadhatri are worshipped around the year.


But, this year we can try and celebrate Women Shakti in a different way. In a way that would truly symbolize our faith towards Women empowerment.


We already multitask the way Ma Durga does with her eight hands. Like her third eye we use our intuitions strongly. And we sometimes do ride the lion too, fearlessly in “Abhay Mudra”. But we are yet to use the “Thunderbolt” that Ma holds in her arm and which signifies firmness in our daily life. Let us pledge that we will try our best to utilize the “Sudarshan-Chakra” which spins around the index finger of the Goddess to destroy evil and produce an environment conducive to the growth of righteousness. And this we can start right from our home. Like the sword of Durga that she holds in one of her hands symbolizing knowledge, we must sharpen our skills regularly and keep ourselves updated. Because only if we do so, we would be able to upgrade our status in the society. Cribbing and criticizing men won’t help. Taking life into our hands with a warm smile and loads of love in our heart, would. Happy Puja 🙂




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