How I will spend the Janata Curfew Day !

7 am: The first thing I would like to do as I wake up is to try and sleep again. 

7: 10 am: Unable to sleep I will remind myself that today neither am I to go GYM or walk and will giggle. 

7:15 am: Pull the sheets up and think about the dream I had last night. 

7:20 am: Look for phone, scroll up messages, unable to read any, look for my reading glasses.

7:25 am: Pick up reading glasses and check messages and emails. 

7:30 am Yawwwwwn finding not a single exciting news. 

7:35 am: Change side and laze a bit more. 

7:45 am: Will finally wake up and get fresh.

8 am: Wake up the rest of the family members. If I am unable to sleep, how can they ???

8:15 am: Have “Kadha” (Thanks to the latest virus outbreak) with almonds, gossiping with my hubby on the balcony watching the pigeons fly in the open sky. 

8:55 am: Do some freehand exercises discounting heavily on counts and no. of practices so that the one-hour regime gets over in 15 mins. 

9:10 am: Plan the day’s menu with my 24- hour maid who stays with us. 

9:25 am: Check my daughter in her room. Lecture her to utilize the day productively.

9:27 am: Feel a rage raising watching her continue browsing her playlist on her Ipad as if I don’t even exist.

9:30 am: Decide to vent out my feelings on paper, unable to register my emotions with my hubby.

9:35 am: Choose what shall I do from the list below.

  1. Complete the short story for Urban Chronicles 2. 
  2. Edit the short story already written last month.
  3. Write a blog for my blog page.
  4. Start working on my assignment for MA in creative writing.
  5. Edit my Novella “Casket”

9:40 am: Write 

10:05 am: My daughter will interrupt “I am bored”. Will suggest things to do. She will decline all of them. 

10: 10 am: Restart writing and missing library ( Closed for Corona)

10:47 am: Another interruption. 

11 am :I will feel hungry and look for food. Slurp on a plateful of fruits! I just heard Mangoes have struck the market !

11: 15 am: Call my mom and mom-in-law. 

11: 30 am: Sneak peek at the daughters room to spend some quality time.

11:45 am : Play tickle tickle with her. She will laugh, and I will get the kicks of her long-player legs. But I will laugh too. ( Kucch jyada senti de diya kya ??) Lol 😀

12:15 pm: Enter kitchen to cook Maggi for my daughter. 

12: 30 pm: See her gorging on Maggi, thinking what’s there in it and why did the Maggi ban got lifted. 

12:45 pm : Nap Time !

1 pm : My daughter will wake me up to ask a stupid question. I will glare at her and sleep again giving her a warning. 

1: 25 pm : Will finally wake up after two more interruptions. One by my maid and one by a phone call. 

1: 30pm: Clean all the cellphones and remotes of the house with my daughter.

2 pm: Have a bath and emerge in a nighty…..what ??? Neither will I go out and nor will anybody come..why waste an ironed dress.

2: 15 pm: Give finishing touch to the lunch. 

2:45 pm: Have lunch with family watching “Kapil Sharma”. Sounds cliche but works for me boss!

3:15 pm: Time to declutter my daughter’s wardrobe.

3:25 pm: The fight begins…

3:35 pm: Will settle the heaped clothes all alone while my daughters stomps out of the room.

4 pm: Will miss, “Chai pe charcha” with my neighbour, come friend. Will video call her with a cup of green mint tea. 

4:10 pm: Utilize the time rearranging my study. Come across a bo

ok I bought but forgot to read. Start reading instantly. 

4: 25 pm: My daughter will ask me what am I doing and I will remember that I was arranging books. Will restart arranging. 

4:40 pm: Have coffee and homemade snacks with my hubby. 

5 pm: Be at the Balcony and applaud the people who are providing essential services at such time of crisis for five minutes.

5:10 pm: Get back to writing after giving my daughter some worksheets to do. 

5:45 pm: Write peacefully till 6:45pm when my daughter will barge in and declare that she can’t study anymore. 

7pm: Movie time ! Yay! Try deciding a movie that we all want to watch. 

7:15 pm: Will choose a funny film, could be watched with a teenager and has a moral. Will watch “Jonny English” fifth time. 

7: 35 pm: Yawn, munch, repeat! 

9 pm: Curfew over! Yippee!