Churches and Chapels

Religious Monuments have always attracted me though I find myself a non-religious person. The reason behind it probably is that these are more than just a place for worship.They tell us about the history, culture and tradition of the people around. And I have been fortunate enough to visit numerous Churches all around the world. Let me take you to some of them …

Vienna, Austria


Karlskirche is the most outstanding Roman Catholic church in Vienna. Its Baroque architechture was designed by Johann Bernard Fischer for Charles VI, the Roman Emperor, who built it for his patron saint Charles Borromeo in 1737.

The Abat-Voix

The Abat- Voix is a theatrical canopy where two cherubs hold a cross and a chalice.

The gold piece above the alter symbolises “Yahweh” , the hebrew name for God written in the middle of the flooding golden sunrays”


Who would think that a chapel exists at 3100 feet above sea level? Ladies and gentlemen here I bring forth …..

The “Bernhard von Aosta” Chapel dedicated to St. Bernard

The chapel was constructed in 1950 for the Kulmhotel Gornergrat, for the Sunday Mass. The grey stone structure has a cute bell tower over the sloping roof.

The interior is mostly wooden. The alter has a carved wooden figures of St Bernard of Aosta, St Maurice, patron saint of Valais and St Theodule. Red candles tinkled in the dark as I got it. A confession box stood at the entrance.


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